Bolusanthus speciosus


SKU : 29-07

40 seeds/pck, THB120


Bolusanthus speciosus can be grown in a container and looks spectacular on any sunny patio. As mentioned earlier, the tree wisteria makes a beautiful street tree with its non-invasive root system. To propagate place the seeds in hot water and soak overnight. Sow the seeds in containers filled with river sand, covering lightly with finer sand. Remember that the sowing depth should not be deeper than the diameter of the seed. The seeds germinate quickly and can be transplanted after the second leaf has emerged. A good soil mixture would be equal parts of river sand, loam and compost. With good care this tree can grow up to 800 mm per year.

Bolusanthus speciosus can withstand moderate frost, but will need protection for the first few years. It can also survive periods of drought.


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